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I'm on a mission to help you build a Successful Business.

Here's the Journey of Self Discovery and Exploring the adventurous steps that failed me and taught me entrepreneurial lessons!

About Arvind Chaurasiya

I follow simple life hacks “If you hang around 4 confident people you will be the 5th.

Arvind Chaurasiya
Founder & CEO at Promarketo Digital Marketing Agency

Hey, I am Arvind Chaurasiya from Bengaluru, India. I'm an Entrepreneur by heart and Sales Funnels & Digital Marketing Specialist by Profession. I'm the Founder & CEO of ProMarketo Digital Marketing Agency, Trainer at Proskills and Co-founder at DMC Bangalore. I've consulted more than 50 small and medium-sized businesses almost 100 projects managed with 326+ marketing campaigns and generated over 28,000+ leads.

I examine the needs of the clients, analyze the problems, and create manageable solutions. I help you improve your business profitability by enhancing the marketing campaigns structure and strategies. Arvind Chaurasiya knows what truly drives conversions for the businesses and how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.

Two Ways I Can Get You Results

We are an extension of your marketing team – bringing strategy, expertise, and execution to the areas that you need it most.

Arvind Chaurasiya


Arvind Chaurasiya

If you already have a team and just need me to help you generating quality leads or simply convert more leads into actual sales then I can help you by executing...

  • Driving Targeted Traffic
  • Generating Leads using Single opt in and double opt in funnels
  • Marketing Automation
  • Leads Tracking and Auditing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Constantly measuring the results

I grow companies using copywriting, sales funnel and marketing strategies. If you are looking to set up these for your business. Hit me up here on enquire now!

Arvind Chaurasiya


Arvind Chaurasiya's Team

If you are running out of time or don’t have inhouse skills to plan & execute growth strategies then Arvind's team is the great option for you. You'll get the results you've been looking for...

  • Digital Campaign Audits
  • Take over your marketing & redesign it to increase more leads
  • Create effective marketing structure & strategies
  • Set up Sales Funnels and Marketing Automation
  • Grow It at an exponential rate to generate ROI
  • Constantly measuring the results

We take a custom approach to each campaign to ensure that our strategies meet their unique business goals and objectives. Hit me up here on enquire now!

Advertiser Vs Marketer

Cool! If you are looking for an Advertiser then I may not right fit for you;
as advertisers always buy on price, I buy on values and work on the strategic plans to deliver what you gonna pay for.

digital marketing consultant
Lead Genration

Each client is like a partner for us, we only make money if you make money! Through our years of experience & selection of proven lead generation strategies, we are able to offer clients a reliable ability to generate leads in even the most challenging time like Covid19 outbreak.

digital marketing consultant
Marketing Automation

Automate your entire customer lifecycle, get designed your campaign outreach for seamless experiences. We Help You Creating personalized customer journeys that respond to action behavior. Track your progress with real-time reporting and analytics.

digital marketing consultant
Digital Marketing Services

Use the power of the Internet to grow your business. If you are Looking for ways to boost brand awareness, lead generation, sales funnels marketing automation and branding then I can help you with the right marketing strategy and execution that you need it most.

digital marketing consultant
Talks & Conferences

I truly love to engage with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and code-breakers. I enjoy talking to entrepreneurs learning from their experiences and share mine. Let's talk at Entrepreneurship Stories with Arvind Chaurasiya or join my e-Conferences.

As See on

I love exploring new things in marketing & technology.
I enjoy talking to entrepreneurs learning from their experiences and share mine.

Entrepreuner Foundation with 4 Crazy Noobs

My greatest joy in this life is Adding Value to the people's lives and their businesses.
I love feedback as it promotes personal and professional growth. Also, It helps you measure your one on one engagement.

My Entrepreuneral Foundation

I started doing marketing right after completing my 12th back then I was promoting educational products and at the age of 18 KFC products while promoting educational products I realised that we need a better way to reach out the potential buyers so I started learning marketing and sales side by side. I got around 300 leads that changed everything; soon after my colleagues started introducing me that I can help businesses boost their sales by getting online leads way cheaper than leads providers.
I started getting clients more than my capacity as I was knowing educational products better and now handy with online lead generation skills.

I'm a proud DVian (Digital Vidya Alumni) - the turning point for my career!

I’m the kind of guy who has a plan for everything. So it was no great surprise as setting up Promarketo Digital Marketing Agency in 2019 as I had chosen agency life even before learning digital marketing.

However, I fell in love with entrepreneurship when I realized that my 4 people team not able to manage our clients so started “Digital Web Destination” with 10+ team members in 2015 and then ProMarketo Digital Marketing Agency in 2019 proudly serving the clients in SAAS industry, Healthcare, Education, Travel, Real Estate, eCommerce Business, Hotels-Resorts Booking, Yoga and Fitness Brands.

Entrepreneurship Stories with Arvind Chaurasiya

It's common to hear about entrepreneurs who made some decisions that left them nothing to lose but still they built a thriving startup, boosting the ecosystem, solving problems and giving jobs to many! These stories are inspiring in their own way; but to me, it's even more inspiring to interact about people who hustle every single day to make things better!!

sharing stories and learning from stories is incredibly powerful because they're real life. Hi, I'm Arvind Chaurasiya and I bring positive, motivating and inspiring entrepreneurship stories for you.

What People are Saying?

My greatest joy in this life is Adding Value to the people's lives and their businesses.
I love feedback as it promotes personal and professional growth. Also, It helps you measure your one on one engagement.

Handy with the tools on the go.

The digital world and the consumers within it are changing at lightning speed.
To get insights, market analysis and right set of data you need tools - these tools may help you to plan your workflow.