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Digital Marketing Audit

Why Digital Audit?

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, new tools and technologies are being adopted to improve the quality of content and its results. The goal behind digital audit is to provide a clear and precise report of how effectively your digital offerings (website/digital marketing campaigns/Ad Campaigns/blog) are performing.


I & my team offer a range of digital audit services that evaluate the search engine friendliness of your digital offering and give you an insight report with a list of considered feedback and recommendations to improve your results. Isn't it exciting for both of us? Now please fill out the form below and I will get back to you.

SEO Website Audit.

Are you worried that your website is not performing in the search engines? We can help you to review your on-page and off-page performance to outline the areas for improvement.

Competitor Analysis.

Having an external professional to audit or review your past or current offering can give you real insight for future planning.

Google Adword & Bing Ads Audit.

If your paid ad campaigns are not giving you expected ROI then you need to review your Ad campaigns from experts to minimize the damages and improve the Ad Quality-Score to rank your ads higher and meet your expectations. We help you to audit your Google Adwords and Bing Ad Campaigns, all you need is to fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you same day.

Social Advertising Audit.

Having good social engagement with your brand but not getting Ad results? I and my team can carry out an intensive audit of your paid social media campaigns to figure out where you or your Ad agency have been doing wrong and then we can put together a plan of actions to get you results. And that's the way we help our clients.

Conversion Tracking Audit.

Having a good amount of visitors on your website but not able to track them correctly? Or do you think there is a flaw in your tracking set ups? We'll help you flawless tracking of your visitors and set up a customized look of visitor's behaviours. Also, we can review your tracking across the platforms like Google Adwords, Google Analytics / GTM code, DoubleClick or Remarketing Code.

How do we do it?

That's pretty simple, all you need to give us the relevant access of your running Ad campaigns, Website landing page, Analytics and demographic / business information then we do our own research and based on our findings we provide you a proper consultation with documented insights. You can then apply this insight to your running campaigns / digital offerings to improve your ROI.

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